MANSANTA - The reliable dating agency for special humans

Have you spent a long time searching for a partner to be happy with? Have you developed any physical abnormalities from eating GMOs? Do you suffer from social exclusion, although it is proved, that the number of whimsical forms grows daily? We say: that`s okay, that makes you a special human and we are the ones, who will influence your luck a little bit.

FALLING IN LOVE ONLINE - is it worth it?

We say: Yes! Just provide a brief but appealing short profile about the beauty of your mutation. Then - upload your photo - and voila you´re one step closer to finding that special someone! Based on our experience, you`ll have the greatest success by searching for partners who are also blessed with special characteristics. Registration is 100 % free.


We say: Those who are not entirely perfect often have a bigger heart than others - and the advantages of a very big heart are well known. You need not, should not and must not be alone. This is our mission!